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Owning Your Own Business | Tuesday Tips: WWGD

Tuesday Tips: WWDG


One of the biggest misconceptions about owning a business is this sense of more freedom and less accountability. The truth is, most people spend years building a business long before they get to fully embrace that feeling of freedom. Whenever I ask someone why they started their business and the response sounds anything like, “I didn’t want to work for anyone.” I say, “Well, congratulations! Because now you work for EVERYONE!”

Running a business is hard work. But if you can shift your focus from reward to providing something you genuinely believe in, something that’s high quality, meets the needs of your market, and creates a great customer experience, you’ll learn that freedom shows up in lots of different ways a lot sooner and how rewarding accountability can be.


*Tuesday Tips: WWGD? (What Would Gina Do) started when clients let me know they’ve sat at their desks, or around the conference table with their teams discussing “what would Gina do” in this situation? We’ve turned this into a fun, regular series for you…enjoy!