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A Personal Hiring Process


Get Personal Without Personality Tests

The growing popularity of artificial intelligence, personality tests, and other time-saving hacks to make quick hires are resulting in poor hiring decisions instead. In fact, according to a Checkster survey, 30% of managers make a bad call on a hiring decision because they feel pressured to fill a role quickly. 

The issue with these tests is that they are not insightful where you need them. They won’t tell you if the person on the other end will be patient with a colleague during a work crisis or if they will work around the clock until a project is complete. So why even use them?


Here are three examples of how to make your next hiring process personal.

  1. Have another team member (not in management) do a short culture interview with them. This gives someone else on the team a chance to step up into a leadership role and will give you a great sense if they fit in.
  2. Have the applicant answer a unique set of questions about the job you are hiring for. For example, if you are hiring for a Virtual Assistant, ask them how they would do in a high-stress scenario.
  3. Hire an outside consultant to conduct culture interviews. Having an objective third-party can not only help you gain another perspective, it often creates an opportunity for candidates to share and ask questions that may not come up while interviewing with the hiring manager.

Finding the right fit for your hiring needs is key. With the job market being so competitive, companies must try hiring with personality and fairness. 

Remember, this person will go out and tell the world about how wonderful they felt going through the process (check your reviews on Glassdoor). Because even if you can’t hire everyone, you can always use more supporters. 

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