Giving Back - Gina Gomez

Giving Back

What Would Gina Do?

Early in my career, I was sitting in a sales meeting with a group of successful executives who had just arrived at the office in their fancy BMWs, holding their fine leather briefcases, carefully balancing their hot lattes, so they wouldn’t spill it on their designer clothes. The moderator said, “Let’s try an icebreaker-

“If you had $10,000,000 what’s one thing you would do with the money?”

I heard everything from, “Quit my job!” “Pay off my bills!” “Buy a big house on the beach!” to “Travel the world…” When it was my turn to answer (she had just arrived in her not so fancy Chrysler, no latte, and no designer clothes to ruin), I said-

“I’d build a shelter for the homeless and find a way to educate their kids.”

You can’t imagine the groans I heard, and the comments that followed, which all boiled down to the same response, “I want to change my answer!” I thought, “Hey! If my response can get people to change how they’d spend their money, maybe I’m on to something”…I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunities that have come my way. I’m eager to help others do the same. That’s why I’m so passionate about supporting these organizations – it’s how I give back. Select one of the partners below to learn more about how to get involved.