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Compassionate Conversations | Tuesday Tips: WWGD

Tuesday Tips: WWDG


You know those conversations that are so uncomfortable that we avoid them at all costs? You think about it (again and again…and again and again…and…), you figure out what you want to say, you may even know how you’re going to say it. But then you wonder where or how to start. Here’s a suggestion…


Pull a Freaky Friday and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. How would you want someone to start an uncomfortable or difficult conversation with you? What if it was the same issue? Different issue? How might it change your approach?


When we start from a place of compassion and a willingness to listen, we can better communicate our thoughts and what we want to gain from the conversation. Also, it creates a space for the other person to participate in the conversation rather than shutting down or withdrawing altogether.


*Tuesday Tips: WWGD? (What Would Gina Do) started when clients let me know they’ve sat at their desks, or around the conference table with their teams discussing “what would Gina do” in this situation? We’ve turned this into a fun, regular series for you…enjoy!