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3 Reasons Why We Hate Apologizing

While reading an apology email from Harvard Business Review this week, I was impressed with how direct and simple they make it look. Failing and apologizing are not things we see leaders do well. Don’t beleive me? Here are 3 Reasons Why We Hate Apologizing . It makes us feel …

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3 Managerial Skills Females Rock

Let’s give the ladies the credit they deserve! Today we will go through 3 managerial skills that females rock and the actionable things you can improve. Although women only make up 37% of managerial positions, there are a few things they do better than men* (2020, Mckinsey).   Learn Rapport …

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3 Ways to Show up Authentically

As your company grows (and your time is dwindling), you will begin to hire more people to help in your business. It is important that the team shows up authentically to maintain the integrity of your brand. Two of the most vital and time-consuming roles are customer service and social …

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4 Ways Your Feedback is Wack

Here are the 4 ways your feedback is wack and how you can turn it around! Feedback is not something we take college courses on, and yet we are expected to figure it out. Subsequently, we get all these leaders that are not good at giving feedback. Feedback is also …

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5 Ways to Rate Company Culture

We all know what we want in company culture, but maintaining it is where it gets tricky. Let’s go through 5 questions you should be asking yourself to rate how you contribute to your company’s culture. This will be a task of self-reflection, so as the old saying goes, “get …

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