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3 Ways to Show up Authentically

As your company grows (and your time is dwindling), you will begin to hire more people to help in your business. It is important that the team shows up authentically to maintain the integrity of your brand. Two of the most vital and time-consuming roles are customer service and social media. These roles are personality-centered and have to maintain the integrity of your brand. So how do you find your authentic self in an ever-changing online market? Let’s go through 3 Ways to show up authentically.

Let Your Weird Out. Ultimately, people like to do business with people they like. That’s why you should let your clients see your personality in meetings or get to know more about you in blog posts. Small “behind the scenes” details are what get clients hooked to authenticity.

Figure Out What’s Most Important. This can be tough as you grow a business because you may have started from a passion and now you’re at a point where you have to partner with other brands to grow. Do your new partners stand behind the same core values you do? Do your research BEFORE partnering with any brand. And also give good feedback as you work together.

Change Is Authentic. Remember when Disney movies were all about Eurocentric Princesses in distress? Now they are honoring strong female leads from BIPOC communities! Yes, you can shift perspectives as you evolve as well. Change is one of the most authentic things you can accept.

Don’t forget to show yourself some love because leading is not easy.

But look at you! You’re doing great.

Now get out there and treat yourself to a heart-shaped donut for all that good work you did.