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Building Successful Business Strategies
That Put People First

Working together, we’ll get you the right tools, structure, and foundation you need
in your business to succeed with your customers, community, and team.

Business Strategy and Advising

Profitable business strategies that put people first.

When you hire Gina Gomez & Associates you get a team of experienced people who understand what it takes to run an inclusive business successfully and profitably. Why? Because we’ve done it ourselves and for others – again and again, and again.

Working with us you get support with everything from customer service to leadership, sales and marketing, hiring your dream team, business advising and so much more.

Plus, every support we offer directly contributes to and improves your company culture and your bottom line. It also means you don’t need to hire a million other people to support you and your business.

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Gina is a GODSEND. She’s smart, loving, hilarious, wise, and kind. I call her when I need sage advice with a side of sass from someone who has a boatload of experience. She helps me uncover what I’m missing, helps me grow as a leader, and be a better human. Since working with Gina, I’ve been able to set boundaries and stand up for myself publicly and privately in ways I never would have without Gina’s support. Whether it’s crafting messaging for social media in our intensified environment of call outs and cancels, mapping out my ideal team structure, or thinking strategically about my company’s goals, Gina is who I turn to.

– Kate Northrup,

Build a profitable business

Your Go-To Business Strategy Consultants and Advisors

Gina Gomez & Associates is here to help you build a profitable business where you can do your best work, build and lead a dynamic team that understands and implements your vision, and create a customer experience that’s so good your clients wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Working together, we help you create business strategies that produce a measurable return on investment and set you up for a successful future.

Even better? We work as your key business advisors so you can lead with confidence and make money while you do.

We’re here to help you thrive and do your best work. As a leader, you might feel less like “CEO” and more like “Imposter Fraudster, Wannabe-E-O, I hope they don’t figure out it’s just Me-E-O”.

Let’s change that.


Gina brings magic and practicality to business coaching that is a rare combination. Working with Gina, she’s helped me break through a plateau in my business and reach 7 figures. Even better, I have more and more ideal clients that my team and I are working with. Gina really understands team dynamics and what it means to be a leader today. If you need support for your business and you’re not looking for a quick fix but want real change, you need to speak with Gina.

– Brandi Bernoskie,

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It’s our goal to support you as a leader,
a business owner and a human being on the entrepreneurial journey.

Here at GG&A, we understand and value what makes each of us unique
and how that uniqueness as a business owner strengthens your organization.

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